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Uniforms Across the Years

The Uniform

The initial uniforms were a modified version of Military Dress Uniforms worn by the Women's Royal Australian Navy, slightly modified for the airline. Both winter and summer uniforms retained this look with various modifications until the 1960's.

TAA's Hostesses

Winter Uniform 1953

TAA's Hostesses

Summer Uniform 1953

In 1959 the uniform continued to maintain that 'naval' uniform appearance, instantly recognized and acknowledged in the community.


In 1964 with the arrival of the Jet age and the Boeing 727, there was a new uniform. The new uniform retaining the blue and white colours, initially the summer uniform was a dress which was replaced by a skirt and blouse in late 1966

TAA's Hostesses

The new uniform was a complete change, abandoning the naval style and colour, but retaining the white 'summer' uniform colour in new materials, and a new stylish cap with the 'kangaroo' badge instead of the TAA identification patch. This uniform became standard and appeared on all aircraft.


1970 - another year of change in the sky

No new aeroplanes but a need to identify the changing times and fashions, and TAA was again creating an Australian first in airline fashion.

TAA's Hostesses

June 1970 saw TAA make a complete change to the concept of uniform.!

This saw uniforms with a choice of colour and style, reflecting the fashion trends of the times. Hostesss's had a choice of Dresses, Mini Skirts, and Pants in a variety of colours with boots, and fashion shoes, traditional blue and white included.

1970 Uniforms


Enter the new Boeing 727-276, a 150 seater, larger and more sophisticated, it was time for a change to reflect s new image, and in the main a return to a single uniform, distinctive, smart and functional.

1972 Uniform


The 1980s brought the introduction of wide bodied aircraft to Australia, and with the abandonment of the two airline policy TAA purchased Airbus A300 aircraft.

TAA's Hostesses

Flight Attendants

With this new aircraft came more change, a new uniform and the introduction of the term "Flight Attendants" as males were joining the ranks.

TAA's Hostesses

1986 Trans Australian Airlines becomes Australian Airlines