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TAA - The Queen's Convair Aircraft

The 1954 Royal Visit

In 1954, the newly crowned Queen, Elizabeth II, and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Australia. TAA would be the chosen airline for their major trips around the continent.

Royal Convair

Trans-Australia Airlines would withdraw two aircraft from scheduled services for conversion to accommodate the Royal couple.

Although only one aircraft would be used by them, the second was to follow one hour later in the event that the first aircraft experienced any difficulties.

Only one aircraft ultimately carried the Royal Couple - VH - TAQ 'John Forrest'.

approval sketch

Here we have the artists impression as presented for Government approval, of the proposed interior of the Convair.

Converted Convair for Royals

Photograph of interior of 'converted' Convair,

The Tour Aircraft

Queen Boarding Convair

The Royal couple boarding the Convair for their first trip on TAA - .

The Royal Crew

The crew being presented at the completion of the tour are Captain Jim Marshall, First Officer Richard Orr, Hostesses Elizabeth Otter, Beryl Oliver, and Doris Duff.

Throughout the tour thousands of people would see the Queen and Duke, and the tour proved a great success.

Royal insigna on the Convair

Above - T-VH-TAQ displaying the Royal insignia

TAA had two Convair aircraft, ANA had two DC-4 aircraft, and the RAAF had a Dakota, all of which displayed the Royal Insignia for the 1954 Royal Tour.

TAA's Convairs would operate until November 1959, when the Viscount 816 series were introduced.