Trans-Australia Airlines Museum

25 Year Club Membership

The TAA 25 Year Club Membership Renewal.

Am I Current

You can tell if your current year's membership has been paid, or not, by looking at the envelope that your last Newsletter came in.

If you receive your Newsletter via eMail, the the text of the eMail to which the Newsletter is attached, will explain your financial situation. Again, thank you for your continuing support.

Volunteer at the Museum

Like all 'not for profit' organisations, we are constantly seeking volunteers for general duties, and as guides for tours of the museum.

If you live in Melbourne, have the time, and would like to assist us at the Museum doing painting, rearranging the exhibits, photographing/cataloguing the exhibits, computer work, dusting, carpentry, - you name it, we could use your talents, if you have a spare day now or then.

The Museum volunteers include people from all the three major airlines of that time, TAA, ANSETT-ANA and QANTAS. They come from all sections of these airlines and bring an enthusium to look after the Brand Name 'TAA - The Friendly Way' - which had vanished from public view.

If you consider joining our group, then please contact the museum (during opening hours) on 03 9280 8113 - museum opening days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Training will be provided.


TAA Museum / 25 Year Club Associate Membership application.

As there can be no more members of the TAA 25 Year Club, interested aviation people can still join the TAA Museum as an Associate Member if you have had 15 or more years with the airline

Just fill in the Membership Renewal Form clearly marking it "Associate"

TAA Museum / Friends of the Museum application.

If you would like to join the volunteers as a "Friend of the Museum", you can do so by simply filling in the membership form and clearly marking it as a "Friend of the Museum"

Membership Renewal in PDF format

If you would like a membership renewal form, and to save cutting up your Newsletter, please click on the link below to download a copy of the lastest Membership Renewal form.

It is in PDF Format.

You will need to fill in the form and post it in to Membership Co-ordinator, TAA Museum, Qantas Building 7, York Street, Airport West VIC 3042.

The Membership Form

Click Here to Download an Membership/Renewal application form