Trans-Australia Airlines Museum

TAA-Avalon International Air Show

Avalon 2019

TAA Museum attended the 2019 Avalon Air Show and had a display which ran for all the days of the show from the 25th February until the 3rd March 2019.

Avalon 2019 award

The attendance award

Best General Aviation Airsport Display at Avalon 2013

Airshow 2013 Award

The TAA Museum once again mounted a display at the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition 2013 at Avalon Airport Victoria Australia.

This year the museum was honoured by winning the Best General Aviation Airsport Display 2013

The TAA Side

Our mini Museum was displayed within the tent as shown below

Mini Museum Avalon 2013

Within we were able to display TAA Airline through the ages until the 1990s, along with a display of Ansett Airlines as well.

TAA 1940s plus

TAA's early years, and some of the advertising posters and aircraft of the era.

TAA 1960

More posters and the early Hostess uniform based on the military uniform of the day.

Cabinet 1

A display cabinet showing some of the aircraft TAA were considering in their move to wide-body aircraft, and some of the smaller aircraft which were adopted for use by the airline.

. Cabinet 2

Cabinet 2 contains some of the early history of TAA, the first set of pilots wings, the first credit card and a ticket for the first TAA flight to Sydney in 1946.



TAA was also awarded the following plaque for the Best General Aviation Airsport Display 2013.

Participation award Avalon 2013

TAA Mid 1960s

In late 1969 TAA made a radical move from the military style uniforms of the past to a colourful trendy style which was generally very well received..


As TAA evolved so did the uniforms, and when the airline changed logo, new uniforms went with the new name, Australian.

The Ansett Side

The Ansett display within the museum is in recognition of another major airline involved in the development of aviation in Australia, which now no longer exists.

Posters and printed material from the Ansett, and Ansett-ANA era.

Model aircraft in the Ansett colours over the years, and the audio visual display.

Hostess Uniforms

A display of the uniforms worn by Ansett flight attendants over the years, along with aircraft models.

Other airlines with Ansett

The other airlines which were part of the Ansett Group over the times.

Ansett Models

Model aircraft of the old Ansett fleet and some of the newer airlines now in operation in Australian aviation.