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Original Nola image



Initially all photographs were black and white, and so it was necessary to have these reproduced in colour in the form of a painting. The first such reproduction was done on a golden background, and later productions to promote the new Vickers Viscount aircraft (1954) all had a blue background. Nola Rose was the face of TAA for more than 25 years, but she was never a hostess with TAA, she was a model.


Blue Nola image

The traditional uniform varied only slightly over the years 1946 to 1964, retaining the white uniform for summer, and navy (or dark) blue for winter, with revisions of uniform accessories.

The image of Nola Rose and the slogan - Fly the Friendly Way - set the theme for years to come, only fading from view with the changing of the airline name in 1986, when it became AUSTRALIAN Airlines.

Nola Rose died in 1986.





Identified on Bondi beach by the then Publicity Manager, Ian Sabey, as being the perfect image for a new airline. Nola Rose was recruited to undertake a photographic session and produced a number of photographs that were suitable for the Marketing campaign.


Blue Nola image


A good example of the lasting, some might say haunting, image of TAA was seen with the issue of timetables over the years, when Nola Rose would appear in the changing uniforms of the numerous eras of change in TAA. These were all adaptations from the original photographs.