Trans-Australia Airlines Museum


The TAA Museum was born through staff members who had given long service to the airline, and the TAA 25 Year Club was formed in 1972 in recognition of the achievements and contributions TAA and its people had made to both Australian and world aviation since 1946.

1946 - Archive area established - Records stored and controlled.

1954 - Vickers Viscount introduction recorded and stored,

1959 - Lockheed Electra introduction, Friendship and Viscount 800 series records, plus Cummerbatch trophy award documented and stored.

1964 - Boeing 727 arrival recorded.

1967 - Arrival Douglas DC9-30 documented.

1972 - Boeing 727-200 arrival included

1972 - Establishment of new Computer System - TAARSAN - and progressive update documented.

1978 - Frank Ball GM instructs Glynn Cumming to preserve that collection of posters and other memorabilia stored in the Display department, which was part of the Public Relations Department, and allocates an area for the retention of these items.

1986 – James Strong, new CEO replaces Frank Ball GM on retirement. Acknowledges historical value of the collection.

1989 – James Strong resigned and John Schaap appointed CEO

1991 – Glynn Cumming died and John Schaarp appoints Judy Flower as Custodian of the collection in a part time capacity along with her work in the PR Dept– at this time is was a collection of documentation, posters and placards. (approx 2,500 items)

1993 – QANTAS assumes control of domestic airline operations and Judy retained permanently as Custodian. James Strong Joins QANTAS.

1995 – (late) Judy Flower made redundant and TAA 25 Year Club accepts responsibility and control over the collection. Committee created and volunteers sought.

1996 – Collection moved to 11th Floor to area approved by James Strong (Finance approved by QANTAS) to house and preserve the early collection and the recovered items being discarded by the merger. Volunteers commence to move to new location.

Original area retained as store room, and additional area approved due to volume and number of items. QANTAS provides all communication requirements under the airline history account

1998 – Volunteer group now 20 people and collection expanded to 25,000 items approx.

2000 – TAA 25 Year Club Inc. registers collection with Museums Australia and become a member of this association. The registered name being TAA Heritage and Historical Museum and TAA 25 Year Club Inc.

2006 – Volunteer group now 16 permanent staff 8 part time and 67,000 items registered and recorded in the collection. Museum becomes incorporated.

2008 - Total collection relocated to larger premises at Airport West at the invitation of QANTAS (as this is the only collection identifying the commercial aviation development in Australia) and the ability to join and create a larger collection for public viewing, when the QANTAS collection (in Sydney) and our collection provide the ability to see the complete growth of domestic and international aviation of Australia's major airlines.